Krause AXIS 40.1 W

Broadcast Fertilizer Spreaders AXIS 40.1 W

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CDA: Unrivaled Accuracy

There are two important features that make the CDA (Coaxial Distribution Adjustment) system unique:

  1. The pivoting hopper base enables quick adaptation to various fertilizers and working widths by adjusting the drop point of the fertilizer onto the spreading discs.
  2. Specially designed metering outlets close to the center of the discs allow multiple supply points to the paddles. This helps ensure constant fertilizer flow and an even spread pattern.

Kuhn Electronics

Kuhn electronic solutions for Axis fertilizer spreaders, both ISOBUS and non-ISOBUS, make use of proven technology to increase spreading accuracy as well as driver comfort.

Quantron A/E-2: Your Spreading Assistants Quantron virtual terminals electronically adjust the metering outlets to maintain a consistent application rate relative to your ground speed. During spreading you are able to:

  • Modify the application rate
  • Activate Border Control
  • Simultaneously open or close either side with a simple button


The terminals also feature a work counter for 200 fields and integrated spreading charts.

ISOBUS: Reduce the Number of Terminals Needed (Specific Noted Machines)
ISOBUS, the universal language, allows different equipment (tractor, machine, home computer) to communicate with each other. You can monitor and transmit information about different machines with one single terminal, the Kuhn CCI 100 or any other ISOBUS compatible terminal. This allows compatibility with all ISOBUS tractors to simplify operation.

Weighing System: Simple Application Regulation

Two weigh cells in cooperation with the electronic terminal (Quantron E-2 or ISOBUS) allow you to adapt the application rate automatically while spreading. Every second the terminal checks if the flow corresponds to the programmed rate and adjusts it for precision and control.

Border Spreading

The border spreading feature controls overspreading at field borders or waterways. It can be adjusted to match your specific needs and can also be raised out of the way when not in use on mechanical models. Hydraulic drive models achieve border spreading without any additional components. On these models, disc speed and fertilizer drop point are automatically adjusted to prevent overspreading.

GPS Control

Utilize your existing GPS virtual terminal in conjunction with the Kuhn-supplied Quantron or as a standalone on ISOBUS machines. You may also purchase the CCI virtual terminal from Kuhn for ultimate plug-and-go simplicity on ISOBUS machines. This allows you to tailor your application to your soil’s potential while saving significant amounts of fertilizer. Please contact your dealer to verify outside ISOBUS virtual terminal capabilities. Software by provider maybe required for premium features.


Working width (inches) 39' - 138'
Working width (m) between 12 and 42
Capacity (min.) (cu.ft.) 42
Capacity (min.) (l) 1200
Capacity (max.) (cu.ft.) 105
Capacity (max.) (l) 3000
Max. effective load (kg) 3000
Max. effective load (lb) 6614
Weight approx. (kg) 390
Weight approx. (lb) 860
Drive Mechanical 540 min-1
Outlet shutter control Electric cylinders
Application rate control By weighing system and proportional to travel speed
Application (kg/ha) Up to 500 kg/min. or 500 kg/ha in 28 m at 20 km/h
Application lb/acre. 2.7 lbs per acre - 446 lbs per acre
Working width adjustment Per half