Land Pride Farm SR2672

SR26 Series Powered Rakes SR2672

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Hydraulics 72”: 11 GPM at 2200 psi; 90”: 15 GPM at 2500 psi
15 cu. in. Displacement motor Able to handle high torque loads in heavy conditions.
72" = 3" x 3" x 1/4" Tube Frame; 90" = 6" x 3" x 1/4" Tube Frame Superior in strength.
Angling adjustment: 22 degrees left & 18 degrees right Angling allows proper flow of material wanting to be windrowed to allow for easy collection of large rocks and debris.
3/4” x 1 1/2” Carbide tipped stud roller Carbide tipped studs are very tough, used in the mining industry, this offers a long life to the studs. Studs can be replaced one at a time.
16.5” x 6.5” Gauge wheels with sealant Easy to adjust vertically to set working depth. Has tall and wide tires that keep turning in fluffy soil. Sealant helps seal against punctures.
End plates with storage End plates can be used to hold dirt to aid in filling low spots. Easily store the end plates on the Powered Rake so that they are always with the Rake when needed.
Two material control deflectors Material control deflectors determine what size of material to let pass through the roller and what size to move out. Two deflectors allow for forward and reverse rotation of the roller.
Bi-directional roller Enables more complete finish and control
#50 Double continuous roller chain Double chain can take the fluctuation loads from the roller due to varying ground conditions.
Cast Iron chain guard housing Strong enough to protect chain in harsh conditions.
Drive chain enclosed in oil bath A small amount of oil keeps the chain and sprockets lubricated to keep abrasion to a minimum.
Replaceable skid shoes Skid shoes protect larger and vital parts of the unit. As they wear due to soil contact, they can easily be replaced.
Universal fit Universal fit with new and late model skid steer units.


12-23 GPM
  • 72" & 90" Widths
  • Skid steer mount
  • Hydraulic driven roller
  • Carbide tipped studded roller
  • Adjustable material control deflector
  • End panels work as a box scraper
  • Air tires with sealant