Case IH Farm 2150 Front-Fold 24Row 30

2000 Series Early Riser® Planter 2150 Front-Fold 24Row 30

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A Rugged Row Unit Built for Accuracy at Your Speed

We know not all fields are postcard perfect or workbench level. Not all soils are mellow, sandy loam. Residue conditions vary. The new 2000 series Early Riser planter quickly knows and accommodates the difference. Heavy-duty cast components help the new Early Riser planter stand up to high speeds and tough, fast-changing conditions. And they do so without sacrificing the agronomic advantages that have helped Early Riser planters set the industry standard.

Factory-Integrated Precision Planting Technology

As the only planter engineered and built with Precision Planting® components, you can customize your planter with next-generation technology, direct from the factory. And, while others in the marketplace may offer some of these components, only the new Early Riser planter combines Precision Planting technology with the industry’s most agronomically designed row unit.

Quickly Adapts to Meet Unique Field Conditions

The heavy-duty design of the new 2000 series Early Riser planter provides excellent row-unit stability for truer travel on hillsides and around curves. A high-clearance frame and increased vertical row-unit travel accommodates rapid terrain changes without sacrificing accurate seed depth.

Fully Integrated Systems

Fully integrated systems provide more intuitive operation with fewer, simpler adjustments. Equipped to meet the demands of high-speed planting, they make sure your new 2000 series Early Riser planter is ready to hit the field when you are.

Customizable Options for Your Personal Planter

Conditions and soil types vary and change across the field, and from farm to farm. Each 2000 series Early Riser planter can be configured direct from the factory to meet the needs of any operation based on soil type, terrain, fertilizer/chemical preferences and residue management.


Make Case IH Early Riser
Model 2150 Front-Fold 24Row 30
Configuration Summary  
Number of rows 24
Row spacings, in (mm) 30 (762)
Bulk-Fill or Individual Row Hoppers Two Bulk-Fill Hoppers
Hookup to tractor, Mounted, Semi-mounted, Trailing Trailing
Method of folding for transport Front Fold
Hoppers and/or Tanks  
Standard hopper capacity, per hopper, bu (L) Two @ 60 (2114) each
Optional hopper arrangement Row hoppers, not for High Speed
Optional hopper capacity, per hopper, bu (L) 1.9 (67)
Dry Fertilizer capacity, lb (kg) No option
Liquid Fertilizer capacity, gal (L) One 400 (1514) opt. w/Bulk Fill; One 600 (2271) opt. w/RH
Granular chemical capacity, lb (kg) Optional AMVAC SmartBox w/in-furrow delivery
Row Units  
Metering device, first option Precision Planting vSet 2 vacuum meter
Metering device, second option Prcision Planting vSet 2 w/SpeedTube (ASD)
Metering device, third option No option
Furrow-forming device 15" offset discs
Depth gauging system Adjustable T-handle,1/4" or 1/8th" increments
Closing system 9" (229) Inverted discs and press wheel
Standard down force method Adjustable air-down, controlled by AFS Pro 700
Optional down force method Precision Planting DeltaForce, hydraulic, row by row
Seed and Fertilizer Drives  
Standard seed drive Precision Planting vDrive electric motor, each row
Optional seed drive No option
Dry fertilizer drive No option
Liquid fertilizer drive Centrifugal pump
Fertilizer openers  
Liquid fertilizer openers In-furrow optional, ahead of closing discs
Dry fertilizer openers No option
Tillage Attachments  
Disc furrowers No option; see Furrow-forming device
Residue tine wheels, Row cleaners Tine or No-Till dual wheel, Pin or air-adjust
Coulter only No option
Coulter and residue tine wheels combination No option
Planter Monitors  
First monitor available AFS Pro 700
Second monitor available No option
Number of frame sections 3
Frame rigid or flexible Wing flex, +/- 21 degrees
Frame Attachments  
Markers, standard or optional Optional
Rear trailer hitch Optional
Main frame tire size VF 295/70 R22.5
Wing frame tire size VF 295/70 R22.5
Dimensions and Weights  
Planting width, ft-in, (m) 60' (18.29)
Transport width, ft-in (m) 12' 6" (3.81)
Transport height, ft-in (m) 11' 8" (3.56)
Transport length, ft-in (m) 46' (14.02)
Basic weight, empty, lb (kg) np
Weight, empty, with fertilizer tanks, lb (kg) np
Tractor power and hydraulics  
Power needed, minimum, hp (kW) 280 to 500 (209 to 373)
Drawbar/Hitch requirement Two-point hitch or Drawbar
Minimum hydraulic flow, gpm (Lpm) 50 (189)
Maximum hydraulic flow, gpm (Lpm) np
PTO driven pump or Power Beyond 22 gpm PTO pump optional
Number of remote hydraulic circuits 3 or 4 remote valves and 1 case drain port
Sales Literature  
Literature number CIH01081601
Literature date 1/1/2016
Secondary Literature  
Secondary Literature Number PL-3102-16
Secondary Literature Date 1/1/2016
Entry Date  
Manufacturing Status Current
First Entry Date 11/1/2016
Revision Date --