• Case IH on RFD-TV: The Future of Automation and Precision Farming

    Join Mark Oppold and experts from Case IH on Rural America Live as they discuss the future of automation and precision farming. Learn more on our site: This episode of Rural America Live was originally aired on March 26, 2018. This is the final of three segments.

  • Case IH on RFD-TV: Autonomous Pilot Program and AFS Soil Command

    Join Mark Oppold and experts from Case IH on Rural America Live as they discuss their autonomous pilot program with Bolthouse Farms and how AFS Soil Command allows growers to measure the quality of the seedbed floor. Learn more on our site: This episode of Rural America Live was originally aired on March 26, 2018. This is the second of three segments.

  • Case IH on RFD-TV: High-Efficiency Farming and Categories of Automation

    Join Mark Oppold and experts from Case IH on Rural America Live as they discuss High-Efficiency Farming and five categories of automation. Learn more on our site: This episode of Rural America Live was originally aired on March 26, 2018. This is the first of three segments.

  • Case IH TV Commercial: Track Leadership

    With the legendary design of the Case IH Steiger® Quadtrac® and Magnum™ Rowtrac™ tractors, it’s no secret why Case IH is the leader of the track. So it wasn’t surprising when the competition started imitating us. Case IH offered the first five-axle design to give you more power to the ground with less berming and compaction. All to help you be more efficient with every pass. Still we’re flattered. In fact, if we weren’t already red, we’d be blushing. To learn more, visit your local Case IH dealer or

  • Case IH Launches Autonomous Tractor Pilot Program with Bolthouse Farms

    Case IH, with the new Autonomy and Automation Program, is collaborating with Bolthouse Farms on an autonomous tractor pilot program to help illustrate how this technology can be used in real-world, on-farm scenarios to evolve High-Efficiency Farming.

  • AFS Soil Command

    New on the Tiger-Mate® 255 in 2018, AFS Soil Command™ is the first seedbed monitoring technology that allows producers to measure and optimize the agronomic quality of their seedbed — right from the tractor cab. This advanced technology delivers real-time feedback from the seedbed. This helps the operator make yield-enhancing adjustments and eliminate the presence of an uneven seedbed floor that causes planter row unit bounce.

  • Case IH 4400 Narrow Row Corn Header

    Case IH has expanded the 4400 series corn head lineup with all-new narrow row configuration options. Completely redesigned from the ground up, the new narrow row corn head is built to match the performance of Case IH Axial-Flow® combines.

  • Steiger Quadtrac tractor: Strong from the inside-out

    For more than 20 years, Case IH Steiger® Quadtrac® tractors have been the leader of the track. Watch how innovative engineering and Efficient Power come together as this Steiger Quadtrac tractor, featuring the new CVXDrive™ continuously variable transmission, is built from the ground up.

  • Producers Experience the Steiger CVXDrive Tractor

    Steiger® series tractors with the CVXDrive™ continuously variable transmission make operation easy and expand application opportunities on and off the farm. See what these producers had to say after experiencing the latest innovation to the powerful lineup of Steiger tractors.

  • Steiger CVXDrive Tractors: A perfect fit for your operation

    For 60 years, Case IH Steiger® series 4WD tractors have powered successful operations worldwide. And now there’s a Steiger tractor that fits most applications and operations. The new CVXDrive™ continuously variable transmission (CVT), now available in Steiger series tractors, automatically finds the perfect balance of power and efficiency. See the inner-workings of what the CVXDrive can do in traditional agriculture and other applications. Learn more about this new transmission option and read additional details at

  • AFS AccuTurn Sees First Season Success

    New AccuTurn automated headland-turning technology from Case IH takes the guesswork out of turning on headlands, which gives you improved accuracy and reduces operator fatigue. Using software logic from the Case IH Autonomous Concept Vehicle (ACV), this next-generation Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) autoguidance technology provides hands-free, automatic and repeatable turns for increased productivity.

  • Introducing the 2140 Early Riser® Pivot Fold Planter

    Six configurations feature ultra-narrow row spacing options combined with the industry’s most accurate planting technologies and a rugged row unit for high-efficiency planting. Designed to easily transition from an operational width of 44 feet to a transport width of 13.5 feet, the 2140 Early Riser delivers excellent ground clearance for unmatched terrain flexibility and a pivot fold transport package so producers can easily move from field to field and navigate tight field entrances.

  • Trident 5550™: 42 Minutes Fast!

    See the industry's fastest converting liquid/dry combination applicator put to the test.

  • The New Steiger® CVXDrive™: Strong. Smart. Simple.

    Meet the first continuously variable transmission for an articulated 4WD tractor. At 605 peak horsepower, it’s also the strongest CVT on the market. The Steiger CVXDrive series tractor makes it easier to work year-round and take on new applications — from tillage and planting to scraping and land reclamation.

  • Introducing Case IH Steiger® Series Tractors with CVXDrive™ Continuously Variable Transmission

    New from Case IH, the CVXDrive transmission is the industry’s first continuously variable transmission engineered for an articulated 4WD tractor. With options from 605 peak hp on Steiger 540 hp models, it provides all new opportunities for your operation. CVXDrive offers an all-new range of productivity enhancements with its smooth, seamless power transfer, continuously variable speed and easy shuttle operation, plus reduced fuel consumption in applications that require frequent use of roading and variable power demands.

  • Case IH Celebrates 175 Years

    Case IH brand leadership looks at what gave rise to the brand's lasting legacy and the spirit that continues to propel it forward.

  • Case IH Tractors: CVT & Powershift Tractor Controls

    CVXDrive continuously variable transmission, PowerDrive powershift transmission and AcccuDrive 4 transmission. Understanding how to set up your tractors properly. Equipment: Maxxum, Puma, Optum, Magnum, Steiger

  • Case IH Tractors: Constant Engine Speed Part 2

    Learn how to set engine RPM levels to achieve optimal performance and productivity in specific applications. Equipment: Maxxum, Puma, Optum, Magnum, Steiger

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